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Click Here to Download Nodus Client!

Nodus hack for Minecraft 1.4.6 and 1.4.7 is one of the most sophisticated and advanced cheating systems out there. With smart use it is nearly impossible to detect. Most servers do not have protection against Nodus less obvious hacks such as xray, sprint boost, bow aimbot and others.

Here’s a list of hacks the Nodus client allows with some explanations.

AutoWalk – self explanatory, allows you walking automatically.
Fly – so far the most obvious and popular hack, allowing you to write wherever you want.
Freecam – useful hack which allows you to fly around the map and investigate. Allows movement through walls as well.
High Jump – very fun hack, allows jumping three times as high as you could normally. Useful to get on high surfaces, hard to detect.
No Fall – you won’t fall off the ledges duh.
Spider – great and barely noticeable hack which will let you climb walls and barriers easily. Not as obvious as fly hack, hard to track, useful at certain cases.
Sprint – With this hack you will be able to sprint at any time, forever and it won’t eat up energy. Awesome and nobody will know you are using Nodus if you use this hack smartly. Great in PVP!
Water Walking – as the name implies this cheat let’s you walk on water. It’s quite obvious, I advise against using it. I have used it on an online team battle Hunger games server to get to valuable items that are on a small island quicker. However, I used it only for a few seconds, so people can’t really see you have a hack.

Auto Tool – great hack, which will automatically select the right tool for the block. Disable this in PVP, since if you click on a block by accident you will switch your weapon to a tool.
Auto Mine – great feature for saving your fingers when required to mine long shafts. Be careful though, with Fast Break it will cause havoc.
Fast Break – awesome stuff. This cheat will let you break blocks very quickly. Be on a lookout for admins though, this can be detected.
Fast Place – useful for quickly placing blocks.

Bow Aimbot – great stuff for sniping with the bow. Not that easy to detect, but not very useful in team battles, since the cheat won’t distinguish teammates from opponents.
Click Aimbot – one of the best Nodus hacks. Every click will hit the opponent. Be careful though, this can raise suspicions in 1v1 combat. Works well in team battles.
Force Field – this is pretty much an “in your face” hack. It will automatically attack players who come to your proximity, not distinguishing friends from foes. Useful in some cases, but very obvious. Be careful!

Auto Egg – automatically collects eggs in Minecraft. Handy!
Auto Fish – same for fishing. Leave your character to fish peacefully while you relax and do something else.
Cave Finder – great feature, will allow you to quickly find caves and entrances to other players dwellings. Bind it to a key and use it frequently!
Chest Finder – one of the best features for finding all chests in the world of Minecraft. You can find hidden chests, mob spawner chests, other players chests, any chests!
Day – sets the daytime. Great if you don’t like the nightly sky.
Full Bright – removes all shading, making the world bright as possible.
Tracers – great stuff for PVP like Hunger Games servers. Shows you a tracer to the other players. Will trouble vision on high population servers, but great for PVP.
Wallhack – shows all creatures and items through the walls.
Weather – remove the weather in Minecraft.
XRay – one of the most awesome features of Nodus. Will let you find any ores you want. Bind it to a key and look for diamonds and emeralds. Combine with fastbreak and auto tool and you will have full diamond set in a few hours.

There are actually more features on Nodus that I didn’t mention in this thread. Probably because I don’t really use them and am not sure what they do. You can bind all the hacks to specific keys and edit the XRay as well. No more need for transparent texture packs! Now you can see all the good ores, items and objects in game by one click of the button.

The best part about Nodus is that it’s completely free and accessible to everyone. Check the link below to download it.

Click Here to Download Nodus Client!

To all the haters – if you don’t want to use Nodus, don’t. If you don’t like the fact that others use it – download it and level out the playing field!


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